Tell me why?

Why are there so damn many strong beautiful driven talented single women in this country?

They are everything you could ask for…. 

Fierce, intelligent, sweet, gorgeous, sporting a bucketload of talent and big dreams to boot.

And for the boys that may be reading this….Yes, there are swarms of them….Swanning about ultimately and searching for love. Searching for someone that can match them. Someone that can hold them. Someone that can elevate them And it’s 2021 baby and they aint settling for anything less.

So whats going on?

Why is it so hard to find a good single decent man in the land of Oz? Are us gals setting the bar too high? Don’t get me wrong I’m aware that us women can be a bit on the fickle side…. I mean I nearly broke up with a guy I was “in love with” because he wore an earring on his left ear to our third date… So could it be pure feline fickleness? Or is this some sort of male drought? A pandemic? Or maybe it’s just pure statistics- That there is simply not enough good men to go round. 

According to the 2020 census, male to female ratio for Australia was 99.2 males per 100 females. 

Google says if you’re a single woman looking for love and can handle the crocs and the heat, you should go to Darwin as there are tonnes more men than women there. Particularly if you like a man in uniform or a man in prison. Whatever blows your hair back baby.

I had a fling with an Israeli man a few months ago…. It was wonderful. I asked him if there were more like him back in Israel. He said, yes, there were thousands more like him. I thought Brilliant! Maybe I could start an import-export business. Shipping in eligible bachelors from exotic countries. A win-win situation. The women get a good match, and the men get a brilliant woman and a visa….They have beautiful babies…And maybe do a Disney and live happily ever after… or not… but at least you get a golden baby and a dual passport.

Before covid hit my best friend and I were so despondent with the lack of potential love on our shores that we started planning a “Find a Husband Tour” overseas. We were going to play shows around Europe and do call outs for potential suitors. Get them to lineup for a swift interrogation after the show. You know just the usual simple questions…. Did your mother do everything for you when you were growing up? How is your relationship with your father? Can you cook? Do you hate your ex-partners? What do you want to be when you grow up?

We thought that maybe the boys over yonder could fulfil our needs, fuel our fire. But now that covid hit and international travel is out for a while, we have to wait it out. 

And let me set this straight we are not desperate. I for one am happy to grow old and grey in some kind of domestic bliss, laughing away with my girlfriends on a property in the bush whilst occasionally cougaring an innocent backpacker from the local pub. That sounds pretty fine to me. But until then I’ll put a shout out here for all the single ladies…!

If you’re a single man, a good man an emotionally intelligent, gracious, self-respecting honourable man who knows how to clean up after himself. Write to me. I might follow in my Mama’s footsteps and try out this match making business…. I know plenty of eligible bachelorettes waiting for big love!!!

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